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* Available soon at your favorite eBook store. (Pre-release available Here. . .)

The universe is shifting and all of us with it. This isn’t the first time in history - though it might be the most important - that people have taken stock of their lives and decided that there are more important aspirations besides acquiring the biggest flat screen tv or the latest in a series of new suv’s.

We all want to know how to be happy and satisfied and make both last. We all want to look to a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. Most importantly, many of us want to be free of the chains that bind our spirits and haunt our sleep.

As partners in this unfolding, we are co-collaborators fully engaged in this shift and support a crucial transformation of our current universe and support each and every person in this endeavor.

It is our sincerest intent our Guidebook will support you in this transformation wherever you are in the dance.

Each chapter is filled with what we believe to be extremely useful information, activities, and other tools to help you remember where you truly come from, who you truly are, and, most importantly, how you are already Extraordinary!

Namaste. . .

Robert and Nancy


(A Guidebook for Living Extraordinarily)